Children with Special Needs

4Cs understands the challenge and difficulty families’ of children with special needs face trying to navigate the system of services.  We believe children with special needs should have the same care opportunities as children with a typical development.  4Cs offers a variety of services to support families in finding child care, accessing resources, and furthering knowledge on special needs topics. For a comprehensive definition of inclusion, please visit our All Children Together page.

Si usted tiene un niño con necesidades especiales y quiere aprender sobre los servicios disponibles para usted y su hijo, y necesita ayuda en español, por favor comuníquese con la especialista de Inclusión al (650) 517-1444.

Child Care Referrals

4Cs Inclusion Staff provide enhanced child care referrals to families of children with special needs.  As part of the Enhanced Referral service we provide an in-depth consultation, where we capture detailed information on the family’s needs, the child’s needs, and other issues of concern in order to find the right child care environment for the child.

A 4Cs trained specialist screens child care providers and generates a list of candidates the parent can choose from based on the parents search criteria. 4Cs offers support to the parent until a child care program is chosen.

If you need a free enhanced child care referral, please fill out this form.

Development Screenings

4Cs provides free development screenings.  The Ages and Stages and Ages and Stages, Social Emotional Questionnaires are parent directed tools that a trained specialist will guide parents through to learn about the child’s developmental milestones.

If it is determined that there are areas of concern or that your child could benefit from additional resources, 4Cs will assist you in accessing services. Si usted esta interesado en una valoracion del desarrollo para su hijo por favor comuniquese al (650)517-1444

The agencies listed below also offer services and education for families of children with special needs